How It Works


Universities participate in Donors Cure and support their medical researchers.

When a university participates in Donors Cure, their faculty will post their research projects to the website. Each researcher may only have one project open for funding at a time. All proposals are approved by Donors Cure prior to "going live".


Donors visit and select the projects they want to help support through online donations.

When potential donors visit the website, they can search through medical research projects by university, researcher or a particular medical area and donate any amount to the medical research project of their choice.


Once a project is fully funded, Donors Cure will award a grant to the university for that project.

If a project does not reach its funding goal, donors will be given the option to redirect their donation.


Researchers update donors on their progress and donors are connected to the cure.

Since communicating science to non-scientists can be difficult, each researcher will be assigned a Donors Cure liaison to help better explain their research. Each researcher will also be guided in using social media to market their project.