Meet The Researcher

Brandon Hughes

Medical University of South Carolina
Neuroscience and Psychiatry
Graduate Student

Brandon is a Ph.D. student in the Cowen lab at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is from South Carolina and considers himself lucky to be doing research in his home state. Previously, doing his master's thesis, he investigated the effect of Zika virus in the body. When Brandon is not using cutting-edge molecular tools and transgenic mice to understand the fundamental mechanisms of neuronal plasticity, he is kayaking, cooking, taking long walks on the beach, or watching Orange is the New Black with his fiancee.

Previous Projects

Project Image

Brandon is studying the link between environmental triggers and relapse in addiction. The goal is to identify where and what in the brain causes withdrawal (which leads to relapse) after a trigger happens. Brandon's team is currently working on mice to understand the regulatory mechanisms between the relation of the memory (trigger) and the exposure to the addiction (drug). This is the first time Brandon will attend the Society for Neuroscience where he hopes to network and collaborate on future projects.