"Donors Cure provides researchers with an alternate way to fund their research using crowdfunding."

Who we are

Donors Cure is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina. Our goal is to provide a centralized platform where donors can support specific, qualified biomedical research projects led by researchers at US universities and institutions.

Scientists are responsible for finding funding to support their research and the process is extremely competitive. Researchers spend an estimated 40% of their time either planning, preparing or writing grant applications.

In the United States, 60% of all medical research is funded through government agencies such as the National Health Institute (NIH), however, the money these agencies have available is limited. In order to be successful, researchers sometimes propose ideas that are considered “safe” in favor of ideas that might be riskier but more innovative.

As a Donor

You can browse through projects from researchers at accredited universities across the US and give any amount to the projects that are meaningful to you or that simply catch your eye.

In return, you'll get to interact and engage with the researchers you support and be directly involved and connected to them as they try to find the cure.

As a Researcher

At an accredited university, you can post a proposal for which the general public can donate as much as they want to.

When you reach your funding goal the money you raised is transferred as a grant to your university so your research can begin.

While your project is posted and after it is funded, you can engage directly with your donors to let them know how the work they supported is going and connect them directly to the cure.

As a University

You will help your faculty reach members of the general public who may have a personal connection to their research.

Because Donors Cure has proposals covering a range of diseases from researchers across the country, your faculty will draw support from all over the US. When donations reach the project's goal, Donors Cure awards a grant to your University.

Donors Cure then works directly with your researchers to help them engage with donors, so that each donor can see exactly who and what they have supported.